Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wi-Fi Connection Setup Menu Translated


Yay for long blog post titles!

The truth is guys, I failed at getting the graphics into the English ones for the Wi-Fi connection menu. Yup. Thankfully pleonex, the maker of Tinke, is much more capable than me and whipped up a solution for us that he graciously allowed us to use to remedy the old Japanese screen.

The 3rd Screenshot

Also due to some behind-the-scenes epic work from Vincent I think we've solved like 99% of all of our graphical hacking "problems" (as in graphics that we needed to hack but didn't know how so had to find out how--we should be able to hack ALL the graphics now :D).

I could be wrong though, you'll have to wait for Vincent's update for more info. See ya!

EDIT: Since it may not be clear, the in-game wi-fi settings menu is different from the one with the hardware. Thus the in-game one was Japanese and to make it English you had to actually hack the files within the game. Which is what pleonex helped us with. ^_^ Also a shout-out to Auryn for helping out as well (though we ultimately used pleonex's solution).


  1. Yay!! first comment hehe XD
    I just have to say that all of you have done an excellent job!!! just look at all those screens filled with beautiful English and not that ugly Japanese text (not that Japanese is ugly, is just the fact that many of us can't read or speak japanese).
    I'm very anxious to play this game in full English, it has been many months since you started with this project, and it has been like an eternity!!! but I'm sure that the final results are going to worth all the wait hehehe
    Good luck!!!! ;)

  2. you guys are my heroes! I just wanted to say that

  3. Hmm, guess Wi-Fi connection menu has higher translation priority over story & conversations

  4. @3rd Anonymous

    We have multiple people working on different aspects of the game. I'm not trying to put down Blazer, but there's nothing for him to do at this moment in time besides working on the Wi-Fi menus. Similarly, I'm handling the menu text translation, but you wouldn't want me to touch the dialogue...

  5. @3rd anonymous - Backing up what Vincent said, people do what they can at different times... and multiple things can be worked on at once. Just don't be quick to judge and you won't make statements that aren't true like you just did ^_^