Sunday, June 19, 2011

Okay, I'm Officially Starting


Good news: I got a new computer (it's only downsides are that I have to add more RAM and that the processor is about half as fast as it should be and as how I'd like it to be, but I'll live).

Good news 2: I'm about to get back into things and start this project for real, even though it's not July 15th yet.

Bad news: I have to go on a trip from July 13th for a month. Not to mention there will be preparations before and resting after.

Good news: It's my senior year and I have no intention of showing up to school very often, never-mind actually doing stuff when I'm in school. MEANING more free time to work on this.

More good news: Just because I'm busy, doesn't mean everyone else helping out is.

Questions? Concerns? Okay then.

I'm going to go try and get myself motivated to move past me losing everything on my computer as well as all the other shit that's happened to me. After all, "IF YOU'RE A MAN, BE A MAN!"


  1. Hi I'm Alexander from Argentina, I remember when my pc died in 2008 my problemwas my motherboard so I can understand your situation.
    Anyway I'm happy that you are going to translate this game so good luck in your life and I hope your new pc works fine hugs alex.

  2. Awesome! How long do these sort of things usually take or is it too variable to estimate?

  3. What kind of jobs do you still need help with?

  4. Kind of jobs needed:

    Editing Japanese Graphics into English graphics.

    Basic programming help (there's no job for sure with this but it's possible we'll need some basic program made to speed things up tremendously, in which case it'd be great to have someone skilled in the matter)

    Assembly hacker

    @Alexander thanks.

    @Anonymous #2, well, the slow step is waiting for help on this one program that will hopefully speed things up a ton. After that we have the hacker (I) and the translator, but I'm going to be busy from mid-July to mid-August, so TBH we won't get VERY far during the Summer--but we still plan on making process because we have the other hacker, Arch, who can hopefully help when I'm not around (and even when I AM around XD).

    My point is that there's too many factors swinging around and that a complete translation most likely won't be done until next summer, but I'd like to release one by winter break, because I like to get things done as fast as I can.

  5. I hope you get someone good to write the script. Nintendo had a really good script in Shadow Dragon.

    If I weren't so busy, I would proofread for you. Oh well. Best of luck!

  6. I have a proofreader already, and don't worry the script will be good. I'm very good in English and making things epic. Although I don't agree that SD had a good script...

  7. Great news. Hope its all smooth sailing now.

  8. I just had to ask, if you start working on the translation now, how long will it take to finish? :o

    I wish luck to all of you. I didn't buy (?) Shadow Dragon because it looked really boring (Where were my support convisations?!), This game, with or without all the Mary Sues it probally spawned, looks fun!

    Peace from Israel~ :)

  9. ^ Read the previous comments and you'll get your answer. :)

  10. Oh wow I didn't saw that. Thank you Anon for telling me. *haha*
    I seiously need to stop being one of those tl:dr pepole. ;;xD

  11. @Blazer

    That's good. I didn't mean "good script" as in "literary masterpiece." I just liked the way it sounded. If you can make it epic, that's all I can ask for.

    By the way, what will you be calling Cecil? It sounds kinda weird, considering Cecil is a boy's name. I'm curious to see what names you decide on.

  12. Yeah, but we want to stay true to the original Japanese. I don't know what the Katakana for her name is but if everyone calls her Cecil it must be something really close to that, like Sesiru. Of course we're going to check in to not only that but what fans have translated names as in the past and what common names are (i.e. we'll try to avoid totally weird names, but at the same time we won't turn Doga into Draug or Sheeda into Caeda... but "Marusu" would be "Marth" because it sounds better than "Mars" IMO).

  13. Maybe you could name her...Cecilia??? That sounds more female than "Cecil" don't you think?

  14. Or maybe "Cecille"?

  15. I thought of Cecilia but that's an incorrect translation.

    Cecille is a little more feminine I think but anyhow Cecil can be a girl's name, so we'll see if we just decide that Cecil's "parents" gave her a boyish name after all. (Maybe her personality is tom-boyish--I wouldn't know since I can't understand Japanese! XD)

  16. The direct translation is indeed Seshiru. セ for "Se", シ for "shi", and ル for "ru". Seshiru is also a direct translation of the name Cecil.

    And for all the people who seem to be wanting an alteration of the text... I'm not so sure how other die-heart Fire Emblem fans would like it if the plot or a name was changed a bit, but, in my opinion, I wouldn't appreciate it very much.

    Blazer, I respect how you and the team want to stay true to the Japanese text. It will give non-Japanese speakers the same, worth-while experience as those who can speak the language. I must say that I am very much looking forward to seeing this translation, and wish the best of luck to the team.

  17. Nintendo of America failed to give me this game, so I guess you're my only hope. I'll have to import the Japanese and use your translation... somehow. (I don't know how that works at all, I'm a total noob here.) Ultimately your translation would be the only one I could use.

    I would like that you keep the names consistent with Shadow Dragon, because otherwise I won't have any idea what's going on. I see a lot of people are a lot more hardcore then me here, but I don't want to look for Ogma, only to discover he's now Ogzimaterasu or something weird like that.

    Also, Marth has to be Marth. He's been Marth for a decade now in Smash Bros.

    Best of luck to you all. I'll keep on following this blog to find out ultimately when I can play my Fire Emblem 2 (or is it Fire Emblem 12?).

  18. LOL ogzimaterasu. We'll see but Caeda may be Sheeda... but unfortunately probably not, for consistency purposes.

    And of course Marth is Marth.

    It's Fire Emblem 12 *cough check the URL*. Look up the whole series if you want, there are some good games, especially for the GBA. XD

    @Cristina yeah we're trying to stay true to the Japanese text because by doing the proper thing not too many people can complain. We definitely won't change the PLOT, that's way too big, but a name or too might be slightly different from one might be used to (FE3 translations) or one might expect.

    Ultimately, if there are a lot of complaints about something specific, we can always just go back and fix it, so we shouldn't have any problems.

  19. Greatly anticipating this!

    Also Shiida > Sheeda imo. (if it counts for anything at all.)

  20. Hi this is Jordan I was so happy to find out you where doing this (because nintendo is most likely not making 1) i am a big fan of the Fire Emblem games so best of luck 2 you and 1 question are you shooting for 2011 or 2012?

  21. @Blaze Oh, most certainly.


    I agree with Zreb on the Shiida thing. That's what they've had it for FE11 and... For almost every other english-translated thing. Sheeda just looks... I don't know. Pretty ugly. ._.

  22. 2012 is a more likely release year. Even though we'd LIKE to get it done before 2011 is done, realistically, it'll be finished by 2012. :\

    Also I've rarely ever seen Shiida, in English it's VERY uncommon to have two i's next to each other like that. As a result, I find the chance of having it be "Shiida" very unlikely. Most likely, to be consistent, even though I don't like "Caeda", we'll keep it as "Caeda". :\

  23. Actually, in the european version of FE11, Caeda is called "Shiida", also in that version, Navarre is called "Nabarl", Dolhr is "Doluna", Archnea is "Akanea", and I don't remember which other names were different, but in my opinion, you should translate the names and such things just like the european version of FE11, because the names are more true to the original than the ones in the US version(except for Nabarl, his original name was Navarre), I also think that Feena would suit better as "Fina", but well, that's just my opinion...


  25. Hey,

    You said you needed a programmer. What type of programmer? I have 3 years experience in Java/VB.NET, I should be able to do C++, and I'm currently studying assembly. What exactly would you need done, and is there an API for this kind of stuff? I'm a huge FE fan, I would absolutely love to help! (I don't speak/know any Japanese, though.)


  26. @Anonymous Yes, that's my region. Was Gordin one? And possibly Jeorge?

  27. @Cristina WOW, You're lucky, I live in Mexico but I wish i would live in Europe.
    Well, anyway I played the EU version in a emulator because it was in spanish and the translation was pretty much better than the US version, and because "Akaneia" is much better than "Archanea", as for Gordin and Jeorge, I think they are the same in both versions.
    Oh! also the girl in the item shops is called "Larabel" in the US and "Aimee" in Europe. I hope the names in the patch be like the EU version and not like the US version

  28. OMG.........Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHH! I love you Blazer. Intelligent Systems sucks and Blazer RULES! :)

  29. I recommend doing two versions--one with European names, one with US. No problems among the fans. I think the goal should be to make the translation as faithful as possible to a US release, since Nintendo has pulled the plug on the DS way too soon.

    Oh, and by the way, when are you actually starting? This post has kind of been up a while.

  30. We'll be doing one version. After we're done we'll probably release any programs used and people can make their own versions themselves. That's the plan, anyhow.

    I'll make a new post, but like this one said, we did actually start. XP