Thursday, June 30, 2011

Status Update 2


The translation program is going well. Within a week to a month it should be ready to do dialog translations. In the mean time we've been debating/violently arguing* about what names we should use etc., taking into mind character limits, localization, correct translations, what sounds best, etc., and it's going pretty well. I think by the time I leave we should have most everything decided on leaving in terms of naming.

On that note, we decided to use FE11's (Shadow Dragon's) names... the U.S. version. Please don't try and get this to change, we've been through just about every argument now. Yes, some people don't like Caeda and it's not even a legitimate translation but oh well, it's what's best. Sure, that means that this isn't a pure translation because we WILL be localizing things, but I think everyone can overlook the fact that I don't want to call this the "Fire Emblem 12: Heroes of Light and Shadow English Translation and Localization Hybrid Project". XD

If you don't like it, we'll probably end up releasing the text editing program as soon as we are sure it's complete (well, we as in, Nintenlord, the creator--that's all up to him). You can then figure out how to edit text, which isn't hard, and do the names how you want to. I sincerely doubt we're going to try and prevent anyone from using our translated version as a base for other ROM hacks, so yeah.

Oh, I should probably add that this program supports FE11 text editing too. In fact, it supports it much better than it does FE12.

(Hint: the game normally doesn't use all caps and treat you like an idiot)

In terms of actually translating, we're going to start from scratch, throwing away v1.0 which I made a week after this game was initially released, just to help a tiny bit with people who didn't know any Japanese (myself included, I lose motivation in playing a game when I can't even read the menus without having to use logic skills to figure out what's what).

And we're currently doing names of all sorts. That's all the information I can give you.

I'll see ya guys around.


  1. Great news. No Ogzimaterasu problems, which is good to hear.

    I'm a noob, so I still don't actually know how this works. Will I need an entire DS rom to play this game, or is there some trick I can pull to play it on my Fat DS?

  2. ya need a rom with the patch that will be released hopefully soon (im patient and i completely support you, i cant translate but if you need any graphic help, im pretty good at that) and oyu need a flashcart. anyway, i think you should use all the u shadow dragon names except make "caeda's" "Shiida" wich is her original jap name...

  3. I want to change it to Sheeda (which makes more sense because 'ii' is very rare in English) but we're staying consistent and making it Caeda. *shrug*

    @Blue Highwind it'll all be explained but essentially you download the game online (called a ROM) and you patch the ROM with what we're making, a translation patch ("patch" being something that is added on to change the file). It's not a very difficult process (you just drag a file onto another file and bam).

    once you have the patched game/ROM, you can either play it on an emulator such as Desmume (see google), or you can buy a flashcart such as an R4, or Acekard, or SCDS2 (my personal flashcart of choice) and load your flashcart onto your DS, thus allowing you to play hacked ROMs on your DS.

    For more details on flashcarts I'd visit, I can't write a tutorial here. gbatemp has pretty much everything you'll need on that matter.

  4. I don't like Caeda either but oh well...
    Anyway what I really care are the dialogues, because I played the game and I only finished the prologues, and I have to say that the fact that I couldn't understand almost anything that the characters were saying was very frustrating, but anyway I wish you the best and I hope you don't have any problems with this translation hehe, and I hope you tell us soon what do you mean by "it won't be a patch but maybe something else..."

  5. I am cool with the localization. Whatever is closer to an official translation is best imo.
    Although I do wish there could be a shorter simpler title lol. Oh well.
    You guys are awesome. Keep it up.
    Can't wait!

  6. Just found this translation, so good to see some Fire Emblem love =) Keep up the good work, since it doesn't seem like this is being released state side any time soon Can't wait to hear more about this. ^_^ I wish I knew enough Japanese to help translate XD the most I can do is read the names because they're like all in katakana or read random nouns out of sentences XD


    here you have the names of the characters in english

    hugs alex.


    Here... That link doesn't work.

    By the way, the girl's name is Katarina, not Kaitlin, unless that was done because of character limitations.

    Disappointing to hear that it will be US-translated instead of EU, though are you still thinking of releasing the patching software so that fans can patch their own names with ease?


  9. @Alex... I don't need that... >____>

    @Cristina um, I think I said I would, right? Although really it's not my choice, it's Nintenlord's choice whether he releases the FEDS text editor. And there's a 99% chance he will, the way I see it, and I don't care if people hack the translated version of FE12 or anything, so yeah, people will be able to edit text freely, including making their own naming versions.

    And yes it's Katarina not Kaitlin, Kaitlin was an inside joke (since you're an outsider... it's just stupid :P). We thought of changing to Catalina or something akin to that but Katarina isn't too uncommon either... so we'll probably stick with the former simply because it's a pretty direct translation and that's what she's known as ATM.

  10. Hah, if you're sticking with Caeda, shouldn't Sheema become Caema for consistency? xD

  11. i'd just like to say that i don't much care which names you go with, just thank you so much for picking up the ball when nintendo drops it.

    i'm looking forward to playing this one day, and it's thanks to you guys.