Friday, December 7, 2012

Version 3.01 out (name boxes fixed)

Aveyn Knight

Once again, thanks to Prof. 9 for fixing the bug that caused "hanging" letters to get cut off in the dialogue name boxes.

Download here (Version 3.01)

I also fixed a plethora of typos and gave the "arrow to the knee" joke an arrow to the knee.

If you have any bug reports and/or suggestions, please forward them here.

Problems applying the patch? Go here.

Bug reports/suggestions (v3.01)

Found a bug? Or have a suggestion to make?

In that case, please post about it here!

For reference, a list of known issues can be found -----> here <-----

Help with patching (v3.01)

If you have any problems applying the translation patch, feel free to post here.

Before you post, make sure you read the HELP AND INSTRUCTIONS thoroughly and carefully!

Also, please mention your emulator/flashcart of choice and operating system when seeking help!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Good news

Aveyn Knight

Thanks to Prof. 9 on the GBATemp forums, we now have a fix for the character names getting cut off in dialogue. YEEEAH!

As such a new patch (version 3.01) will probably be released soon, as soon as our lovely beta testers make sure it doesn't totally break the game on flashcarts or something. If there are any other issues with the patch, please continue forwarding them here, thanks!

Also, I passed my driving exam! If you were around earlier on, you might remember an unfortunate accident(?) with a dog, which probably never happened. This time, it definitely didn't happen, so woohoo!

And before you wonder, no, I'm not that young I'm afraid. I wish I was, but I've just been putting off learning driving.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The patch is already out, what are you still doing here


Can you guys see new comments on a post with 200+ of them? Because I know I can't. nm

It seems some people are having trouble applying the patch on Windows because of MSVCR100.dll; if that's your case, you should try installing Microsoft's Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.

Links: for 64-bit Windows | for 32-bit Windows

You can discover your OS version by right-clicking on "(My) Computer" and choosing "Properties".

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Complete translation patch released!

Aveyn Knight

I don't think I need to say anything.

Downloads section

If you want a lengthy post from me, please time travel to October.

Update New poll added!

Bug reports/suggestions (v3.00)

The Heroes of Shadow are no longer accepting reports/suggestions for Version 3.00. If you have reports/suggestions, please forward them to the blog post for Version 3.01 (when it's published).

Thanks, everyone, for informing us of the bugs and mistakes you've found! (Yikes, there's way more than I expected...!) We'll endeavour to have them fixed soon.

Bugs/areas for improvement

[x] = fixed in version 3.01.
[o] = not a glitch.

[x] Nyna's portrait in the Guide is missing a tile. (Low)
[x] Lang's portrait in the Guide has an ugly tile. (Low)
[o] Enemy forged weapons have inconsistent names. (Low)
[x] Typo in Marth x Caeda base convo: "have you ask you." (Low)
[x] Typo at the end of Chapter 6x: "I'd like you hire you." (Low)
[x] Typo in Samto x MU base convo: "I'm just battle-hungry lunatic..." (Low)
[x] Typo in Draug x MU base convo: "Unless than man is Sir Draug..." (Low)
[x] Typo in Wrys's ending: "prospecting" (Low)
[x] Typo in Dice's ending: "however" -> ", however" (Low)
[x] Typo in Chapter 10: "Khaiden" (Low)
[x] Typo in Chapter 12: "fire dragon" -> "fire dragons" (Low)
[x] Typo in Anri's Way base convo: double spacing (Low)
[x] Typo in Chapter 9: "Thanks goodness" (Low)
[x] Typo in Chapter 6: "If you plan defeat him" (Low)
[x] Flashcart freeze in Free Company base convo: long dash (Mid)
[x] Typo in Cecille x Rody base convo: "You speaky truly" (Low)
[x] Typo in Dolph x MU: double commas (Low)
[x] Typo in Est x MU: "Medon" (Low)
[x] Typo in Gordin x MU: Missing full stop (Low)
[x] Freeze when selecting certain kanji (Mid)
[x] Typo in Chapter 21: "When I met he" (Low)
[x] Typo in Catria x Mineva: "Flet" (Low)
[x] Typo in Triangle Attacks (Low)
[x] Typo in MU x Sirius: "Sir MU"
[x] Typo in Epilogue: "met"
[x] Typo in BSFE: "disppointing"
[x] Typo in BSFE1: "My words may be be harsh"
[x] Typo in MU x Arran: "Please teach me the what it means to be a knight."
[x] Typo in Caeda x Malicia: "Yes. I have been member of this army..."
[x] Typo in Catria x Est: "Hmmm... On dear..."
[x] Typo in Vyland x Roshea: "/"
[x] Typo in MU x Caeda: "I played around at lot"