Thursday, July 22, 2010

Version 1.2 Minor Fix Release


Includes a couple minor but needed fixes to item translations. You can find the download on the Downloads Page, of course.

Thanks to Arch for reporting them.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Version 1.1 Released


I've made several translation fixes and made a new patch with them. You can find V1.1 of the translation patch on the downloads page. Read the README for information on what general fixes were made.

Enjoy. ^_^

Friday, July 16, 2010

List of Issues


Known Problems:

- BSFE chapters are mislabeled. :\
- Only the first letter of names in dialog show up. Idk why this happens, nor do I have the capability to fix it*.
- Some names were shortened because I didn't feel like repointing every text slot that didn't have enough space for its name. Also, everything isn't 100% consistent. Oh well*.
- Some names may extend past what the game's preferred character limit is. Again, oh well*.
- Hammer is mislabeled as "KillerAx"
- Lady Sword is buggy when being attacked*?
- "NULL" should be changed to (None) like FE11 does it.
- "Klein" should be changed to... uh.. Claine? Um... I'm taking suggestions on this one, but "Klein" sounds too male. *and not just because there was a sniper in FE6 with that same name*
- Chapter #s are all off by 1 chapter >_>
- Sidestory chapter names aren't translated, but that's because I didn't have any translations available for them*. D:

*most likely won't be changed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Translation Patch V1.0 is Out


You read the title right. I finished before midnight! :D

It's not the greatest patch ever, and it IS my first and hopefully last translation hack, but I don't care about how much isn't translated, because it has enough translated for me to call it quits.

That being said go ahead and enjoy the patch and let me know if you used it and thought it was cool. If you think it's lame, then I'm better off not knowing. :P

FYI you can find the Download on the downloads page. Also, I'll edit this post with a video of the "finished" translation patch later.

Good night!

~ Blazer

UPDATE 7/16/10 [7:43 AM]: More screenshots added.

UPDATE 7/16/10 [8:10 AM]: Two "release videos" (different gameplay) are out. You can find both of them on the videos page. The first one is below.

Chapter Names


I found the chapter names, and I'm pretty sure I can tell which chapter is which, soooo, I might as well give it some translation, for the heck of it.

Unfortunately menus still aren't getting very far since I don't have a translator to tell me which text is which and what the heck it should be changed to. (I could guess, but still, I don't know where the text I'm supposed to edit is... T_T)

Translation Preview Video


I've completed the class names, character names, and statsheet menu as far as I'm concerned.

I'm looking forward to doing the items and then seeing if I can do some of the menus to help people out with that part of the game. Despite the fact that terrain names would be easy to do, I won't do them because what terrain is what is even more obvious than what class is what, for the most part.

Hopefully you like what you see so far, even if the video is crappily stretched. *I'll try and make it not stretched next time. D=*

If I can't get any menus translated I might just wrap up the patch tomorrow or Friday the latest and release it and then start playing the game myself.

P.S. Please comment! =D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progress So Far


Class Names 100% Done
Generic Enemy Names 100% Done
Character Names 1% Done (In-Progress)

What I Think About Menu Graphics


Maybe you don't care what I think, but...

[19:31] fireblazerx17: I just pulled out some random graphics
[19:31] fireblazerx17: I'ma decompress them and check them out later
[19:31] fireblazerx17: and hope that one of them is for the menus
[19:31] fireblazerx17: and then I know which folder the right graphics are in
[19:31] fireblazerx17: then I have to actually edit those graphics, which is eh... I don't like editing graphics. >_>

If I do find it, I may or may not edit the menu graphics. If I can say, reuse Shadow Dragon's graphics, or somehow make my own English graphics very quickly, I might do it. If it's going to be a pain in the butt, then... nah. =\

What I Can Translate So Far


Here's what I can translate so far:

- Character Names
- Class Names
- Item Names
- Some Wi-Fi Crap
- Terrain Names

Menus? I think some of them are graphics and I'll have to look into those. For the non-graphic ones, well, I don't have a translator, so I don't only not know what they say, but also don't know know where in the data they are located. =\

Here's a screen with character names translated:

Some Progress


Well, this is sort of some progress.

I recall that the people who made a similar type of translation for FE11 had the same problem. Only the first letter would appear in the name box during dialog. I don't know how to fix it myself (I did type the full name in the data) but oh well.

Since no$GBA is stupid I haven't actually tested the character's name when you play the game. I will soon though. XP

About the Music


The music IS in SDAT format, which is like the standard for DS games. However, there is something there that is interfering with the music being loaded by VGMTrans, which was what I was going to use to extract the songs. Some other programs can extract MIDIs, but I don't think people want to listen to MIDI versions of the songs (which use default "computer instruments" as opposed to the cooler sounding instruments you hear when you actually listen to the songs in-game).

That being said I'll see if I can do anything about it but ATM it seems simply ripping the songs won't work. I'm REALLY disappointed because I thought it'd be a piece of cake... Oh well.

Good news is that I have a report that there IS an English font in the game, so I'm looking into text editing as we speak.

ROM is Out


The ROM is now easily findable (if that's a word). I got it myself (in fact, a friend of mine gave it to me as soon as I got online, nice guy isn't he?) and I've already started playing with it.

I extracted the data and thankfully everything resembles FE11, just with more chapters and text and stuff. That being said I haven't seen if an English font is already in the game so I have to check that first before I start hacking.

I'm also going to be working on ripping portraits (but only if VincentASM doesn't do it) and CGs (if there are any) and I'll take requests to rip anything that isn't a battle animation or spell animation because those take too long to rip.

I haven't cracked the music yet but it's on my list.

I'll update this blog with whatever info I come up with.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Project Started... Sort of.

I have this project planned and have created a blog for it in case it goes through and I need a place to manage all this, which I probably will.

I'll update this frequently but then leave it dead for a while after the translation is done. XP

With that being said, the blog isn't even public yet, so... =P