Friday, July 16, 2010

List of Issues


Known Problems:

- BSFE chapters are mislabeled. :\
- Only the first letter of names in dialog show up. Idk why this happens, nor do I have the capability to fix it*.
- Some names were shortened because I didn't feel like repointing every text slot that didn't have enough space for its name. Also, everything isn't 100% consistent. Oh well*.
- Some names may extend past what the game's preferred character limit is. Again, oh well*.
- Hammer is mislabeled as "KillerAx"
- Lady Sword is buggy when being attacked*?
- "NULL" should be changed to (None) like FE11 does it.
- "Klein" should be changed to... uh.. Claine? Um... I'm taking suggestions on this one, but "Klein" sounds too male. *and not just because there was a sniper in FE6 with that same name*
- Chapter #s are all off by 1 chapter >_>
- Sidestory chapter names aren't translated, but that's because I didn't have any translations available for them*. D:

*most likely won't be changed.


  1. First letter in names huh?

    maybe the null bit cause that problem...

    non-ASCII letters (ie. Japanese) needs 2 bit for a single character... since you are translating the characters to ASCII (english letters = 1bit)... maybe you also need to fill the extra bits for be to able show the rest of the letters..

    Same case was also found in re-scripting the "Majo ni Naru" to english. You need to fill the nullbits(see gbatemp), so the rest of the sentence can read it up... (btw, japanese hates spaces.)


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  2. Eh, I'm not exactly too sure on how to do that, but someone else (or maybe it was you? I can't say since you're anonymous) suggested something to fix that problem. Truth is, it's not a huge deal to me, and it's not worth the time needed to fix it, IMO.

  3. Thank you. Your efforts are appreciated!

    I'm pretty handy with Photoshop so if you ever have a need for something Photoshop related I'd be happy to help.

  4. btw, bmap000 is a test should label it as so. that might be why CH names are all 1 off

  5. Yeah, you see, I had started the labels off right, but then I THOUGHT they were off, so I moved them back one, and put "Chapter 0" as the debug map, and then it turned out I was right to start with. Pretty lame right? XD

  6. Winged Spear and Ridersbane are switched around.

  7. Mhm, marked those down, thanks.

    I'll try and get a new patch out tomorrow. :)

  8. I've practically played through the entire game using the translation patch, here's the list of errors I've encountered.

    Winged Spear is really Wing Spear, Winged Spear is too long and glitches.

    Master Sword is also too long, Master Swd works fine.

    Warp staff is called Rescue.

    Rescue staff is called Barrier.

    Unlock staff is called Revitalize.

    Thief staff is called Unlock.

    Barrier staff is called Thief.

    Hammer and Killer Axe are switched around.

  9. well? progress update?
    im going to wait for: All items translated correctly, All classes translated correctly, AND all characters/NPCs translated correctly.
    (those 3 things are all i really need)

  10. I can translate all dialgues, all name in the game. Could you let me in your project?

  11. Depends. Can you read Japanese in a program like Notepad? The problem is I have the text but I don't know which text is which because it's all in random characters. If I gave you a dumped script could you read the Japanese and tell me which is which?

  12. Hey thanks for your translation/hard work.
    What about Notepad++... I tried getting a rich text editor and found this. I figured a Hacker like yourself would like a switch up in software.

  13. Sorry, I just notice you already have it.

  14. Chapters are appear in the front of us to read. The first letter is showing in lines. New Ace Baker Little names are nice to rank and optimization. Sometimes space is perfect.

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