Sunday, July 31, 2011

Menu Patch v2.0.1 Released!


Vincent mentioned a patch earlier, and now you've got it! Thanks to everyone on the team's hard efforts we've come up with a much-improved menu patch from the last one I released over a year and a week ago! If you've visited the blog once every week or so you've probably seen how our progress is going, but if not, check out the Videos and Screenshots pages up above, as I've updated them with out latest progress.

Nothing's stopping you from going up ahead and downloading the patch right now--just click on "Downloads" up above! Here's the README with some more information and whatnot for those who aren't going to see the README in the patch download or for those who just want the information:



Fire Emblem: Shin Monsho no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu~
AKA Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem ~Heroes of Light and Shadow~
English translation patch version 2.01 (menu patch)

Version history

2.01 [Public menu patch created by the FE12 Translation Project Team]
-Congratulation and unlock messages (upon beating the game) translated
-Base conversation messages (not dialogue) translated
-Clock bonus and Training messages (not dialogue) translated
-Miscellaneous minor fixes

2.00 [Beta menu patch created from scratch by the FE12 Translation Project Team]
-All important menus translated
-Name input for My Unit has English symbols enabled
-Dialogue has been left untouched (Warning: Lowercase symbols are not currently supported in dialogue)

-Minor fixes

1.00 [Preliminary menu patch created by Blazer]


Please visit the official blog (link below) if you have any questions or comments. There's also a pretty handy FAQ there.

If have any suggestions or bug reports, please forward them to the "Menu patch version 2" blog post (not yet created at the time of writing).

Official FE12 Translation Project blog and site
Prologue I trailer (contains preview of the dialogue translation)
Blazer's contact e-mail (we're looking for an experienced graphics editor and assembly programmer)


[FE12 Translation Project Team]

-Director, Hacker, and Chief of Localization

-Hacker and Chief Director

-Hacker and Chief Programmer

-Chief Translator

-Director, Primary Hacker, and Project Host


Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
-Developers of this awesome game

A message to Nintendo of America/Europe

Please put us out of a job by officially releasing this game!

Let us know if there are any problems or if you have any questions not answered in the F.A.Q. Aside from that, we hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Status update 3

Aveyn Knight

Kind of bored, so I figured I'd make my debut on this blog sooner rather than later.

Anyway, as you may have seen from the FEE3 demo, progress on the translation patch has been going rather well. To showcase our progress, we will be releasing a massively improved menu patch (hopefully) very soon. Unfortunately, due to certain reasons, the dialogue will remain completely untouched, so don't expect to see Prologue I in English like in the demo.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots of our recent progress. Hopefully people aren't getting tired of seeing menus before we do!

I'm also welcome to suggestions for what to name the option currently named "Bonus" (it's in the first screenshot). The Japanese name みんなの様子 literally means "Everyone's Conditions" or "How is everybody", but I'm struggling to think of a good term to use in English.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

FAQ Page Added


I've added a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on VincentASM's request. I think it's a splendid idea, and will be more splendid if anyone has any suggestions on a common or likely question someone might have that could be added to it.

By the way, we're still looking for an experienced graphics editor who can manipulate existing images well as well as someone well-versed in assembly with a good amount of free time.

Lastly, I updated the site design due to a glitch in the Poll gadget where it used the wrong font. The poll should now be visible, sorry about that.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Item Name Poll


Just a quick poll on which item name you think would be better:

- Star Potion


- Rainbow Ptn

Star Potion fits fine, however it has a 5-unit connotation unfitting for the item where as Rainbow potion has a 7-unit connotation (rainbow is 7 letters and ROYGBIV is 7 colors :P). However, Rainbow Potion does not fit, so the less-appealing Rainbow Ptn would have to be used. Rainbow Ptn seems to be the choice for many people who have played the Japanese game, but Star Potion is the in-game name (what is in the coding of the game, to put it simply).

Tell us what you think via the poll or even why via a post.

More coming soon so stay in tuned.

UPDATE: In case it wasn't obvious, Star Potion it is. I'll leave the poll up anyhow since I can't think of anything better to put. *shrug*

Monday, July 18, 2011

FEE3 Demo


The FE12 Translation Team has come up with an entry for the Fire Emblem Entertainment Expo, AKA the FEE3.

Check out the FEE3 below and watch the FE12 translation segment for SURE!

Let us know what you think (but be nice about it, no "**** YOU FOR CHOOSING MALE MY UNIT" or something) and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Awesome Progress


With Nintenlord's awesome text editor boosting our work speeds (and motivation) 10 fold, we've been making good progress. And it's not even complete--he still has some work to do and I gave him some more text hacking information so he can make it even more awesome and double our speed once more!

I feel you guys need to have something to look at for keeping up with things for so long. This'll be the last screenshot update for more than a week though, and I probably won't be around to make the next update since I'm going on vacation, meaning you'll likely see Arch around here a bit more (but he's a cool guy or else I'd have forgotten him :D).

Okay so as you can see nothing's perfect and there's still MUCH more progress to be made even on the basic stuff. But we're making a shitload of progress IMO, and who do you have to thank? Not me, but everyone else on the team. VincentASM and Arch, the respective creators of Serenes Forest and Fire Emblem Universe (now Shrine of Seals), have been working their asses off and translating/hacking things left and right. In fact all I'm doing is making the posts about it lately, that's how useless I am.

Seriously, all those screenshots I posted are Vincent's and Arch's, so make a comment and compliment them on their hard work because they'd leave Nintendo in the dust in a race and we all know it. :D