Here you can find downloads for the latest patches as well as links to places to find utilities to do your own FEDS hacking.

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This is the baby you've all been waiting for.

7th December 2012
Fire Emblem 12 Translation Patch v3.01 (Direct Download)


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Programs & Tools

NOTE: FE11 refers to Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, and FE12 refers to Fire Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow (abbreviated).

Shadow Dragon Hacking Documentation & Nightmare Modules - FE12 was based off of FE11 and are for the same system. As a result, these two games work awfully similar. Thus this documentation may prove useful in hacking FE12, even if the modules do not support FE12.

XDelta - Used to make Nintendo DS patches.

HxD - Used to edit files in hexadecimal.

Notepad++ - Used for programming, notes, and viewing Japanese encoded text (or other languages).

GBA Graphics Editor - Used for viewing graphics. While it was intended for GBA graphics, it can also view uncompressed graphics, which is useful in viewing DS graphics that have been decompressed through hacking.

Puyo Tools - A multi-purpose compressor with many useful features in compressing and decompressing files. Supports LZSS, LZ11, and many other compressions.

Nintenlord's Compressor - Another compressor capable of handling custom compressions. Also supports the compression used in FE11's portraits.

DSLazy - Capable of dividing an NDS ROM into various organized files and folders for easy access to specific parts of the ROM amongst other things. A must-have for a good DS hacker.