Thursday, February 23, 2012

Discussion Forums Added


You can either click on the redirect page above I made using my terrible website design skills or just click here to go the new forums we added after a polling/some people poking us. Do read the rules but otherwise be active and go crazy. If you wish to talk about anything to better the forums, please post it in the forums themselves.

Note that the majority of updates etc. will still go on here. The forums are just for discussing the game we're translating (stats and tiers and all), translation progress, translation conventions etc/debating names etc., and other limited discussion for Fire Emblem fans in general. It is an addition to, not a substitute or replacement for, the blog. I figured I'd get this question and I answered it just now, so be sure not to ask it again unless it's a joke. ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Progress report - Tutorials 2

Aveyn Knight

Nothing quite as exciting as Blazer or TheEnd's recent posts, but I figured I'd show my face again sooner than later.

Right now, I'm applying the finishing touches to the tutorial images. I'm warily cautious of how many people are going to view these in the game, but who knows, maybe they'll be useful.

I have to say, whoever designed the tutorial images was a tiny bit sloppy, because I've noticed a dozen mistakes or inconsistencies.

Have you see tne "Death" tutorial? Look closely at the enemy who just killed Luke--he starts off with half health, then has almost no health and miraculously recovers all health at the end!

Meanwhile, the "Seize" tutorial has Chapter 1 labelled as "Marth Embarks", which is Chapter 1 of Shadow Dragon. I'm half wondering if I should keep this mistake or fix it. Either way, these images are pretty time-consuming to edit.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Be Continued


The poll isn't over but with a majority of people probably having voted already since it's been a few days, I can't imagine a huge change showing up. The percentages for the 2 main options are way too close to be decisive, and so are the arguments.

We've seen Samto, Samuto, Sam, Samurai, Sammy, Santo, Santos, Santa Claus, Saint, and Tomas, and we've taken all the names seriously (or have we?) but for now this topic is "to be continued". Please do keep posting arguments for the name you want since reasoning is the major foundation for our decision. This post just acknowledges the results of the poll and arguments for what they are and says "we'll do our best to make a decision by the final patch". Thank you and have a great day.

P.S. Vincent's been working hard at tutorial graphics, though my tutorial text isn't translated just because I'm not up-to-date and there was a transparency issue but we're doing pretty well given there's no dedicated graphics editor. Next up, fixing the g and y letter issue...

UPDATE: Thanks to Nagato (the hard-working hacking genius who helped us earlier), we've fixed a character limit issue on text. The g/y letter issue and another issue that prevents the game from being played on flashcarts have solutions, we've just yet to implement them. More on that front later, I just feel like Nagato deserves the appreciative mention.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poll ->



Regarding the poll on the right I'm about to make: there are two choices. Samto, and Samuto.

He is this guy:

A myrmidon. From SF: " A mercenary hired by Lang. A bit of a joker. Tries to pass himself off as Nabarl."

サムトー SAMTO Samto

Kana - CODENAME - Most commonly used name at the moment

Why Samuto:

This is what the kana is most close to in romaji. サムトー = Sa mu to with an extension on the last syllable (means it's slightly longer). It's a real name with many results and is an accurate translation. Furthermore, it has a very eastern feel to it which fits Samuto's class, the myrmidon. It can be pronounced multiple ways in English (e.g. with differing vowel accents) but the 'u' tends to be soft, almost silent.

Why Samto:

Samto is the most commonly used name currently used to reference him. It is generally the most "logical" (though that's just a common opinion) translation for the character. It has precedence and is short and sweet. It also feels more "localized" than "Samuto", though this is also just a common opinion and not fact. In the argument against it, The End says "mt is a fairly awkward and uncommon combination of letters in English.".

Important Note:

We're asking this because we want to be sure we're picking a good name and the decision is not 100% final right now. We want to hear any possible arguments in the comment section: we will read, but not respond to, your arguments (though we may answer questions). We also want to just get an idea of which name is more popular with the intention that it will reflect the argument with the best reasoning and basis behind it. However, this does NOT mean the most popular option will be the chosen name. What the team decides is based on the strength of the argument and reasoning, and while there is "strength in numbers" there is also "quality over quantity" so everything will be take into account with a grain of salt.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What strength! But don't forget there are many guys like... huh


Since Vincent is hogging all the graphical text (send hate mail to we_still_love_you_vincent at gmail dot co dot uk) and Agromono is in charge of the main story, it seems I don't have anything left to translate. (I finished the BSFE episodes if anybody is curious.)

Oh well, I suppose I was only expected to translate the base convos anyway. Regardless, since all I have to do in the project now is bug the others when they get too creative, I don't think you'll be seeing more posts from me, here. So, take care and keep on fanboying (and fangirling) so the team will feel inspired and work hard! Or something.

Now, after five months translating, I'll need to find something else to do at work

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm Impressed


I'm not so sure it means much but I've been impressed lately.

First of all, Arch left pretty easy. I'm impressed it wasn't a big deal. Though it shouldn't have been. (Again no offense to anyone.)

Second, NO ONE voted that they won't play this game. I was expecting at least one jerk to say he wouldn't just to be funny and put one vote on that part. But it didn't happen. I'm shocked, and impressed.

Third, something you guys might actually want to hear--the translations are going extremely fast. So fast that our localizers, Ryan, Vi, Pandorakun, Illumio, and Martze
how in the world did I manage to remember all those names haven't been able to keep up. But they should catch up eventually. And if not, I will carry the team like I do when I play video games, sports, and most importantly, video games that are sports.

Jokes aside we're kicking through the main story like nothing--I think the sidequests are at about 50% done and the actual main main story is making progress. We're also slowly working on graphics and we may have found someone to help us on that matter since you know, we're still kinda looking for a full-time graphics artist. If this person doesn't work out I have one more back-up person, then I search again, and the last resort is that I do it myself, which I really don't want to do.

...That's about it, I figured you guys needed one of my rants since I haven't given one in a while (insert sarcastic face here). Take it easy, we'll put up some screens and a video or two within a week or so, so don't go tiger on us yet.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hey, Everyone!

Hey everyone, been a while since I've posted here! Actually, it's been a while since I've done anything involved with the project. Been busy with college life, and, of course, my own little projects that nibble away at my free time. I'm posting today just to let people know that I'm not really part of the team anymore (Blazer thought a heads-up was in order, even though I've been out of the loop for a while). I really wish I had the time to help out, and the talents to be useful to the project. Truth is, I'm pretty useless to the effort as a whole. Can't do anything with translation, there's a localization/proofreading team in place, and most of the hacking has already been taken care of. So, with that, I guess I depart from the team. I'm looking forward to faithfully following this blog, though, since the translation is coming along excellently and, when it's all finished, it'll be an absolutely fantastic product worthy of the series' fans. I hope everyone's looking forward to it as ecstatically as I am; playing FE12 in English is going to be terrific!

I only wish I'd gotten more name changes done, hahah.