Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Be Continued


The poll isn't over but with a majority of people probably having voted already since it's been a few days, I can't imagine a huge change showing up. The percentages for the 2 main options are way too close to be decisive, and so are the arguments.

We've seen Samto, Samuto, Sam, Samurai, Sammy, Santo, Santos, Santa Claus, Saint, and Tomas, and we've taken all the names seriously (or have we?) but for now this topic is "to be continued". Please do keep posting arguments for the name you want since reasoning is the major foundation for our decision. This post just acknowledges the results of the poll and arguments for what they are and says "we'll do our best to make a decision by the final patch". Thank you and have a great day.

P.S. Vincent's been working hard at tutorial graphics, though my tutorial text isn't translated just because I'm not up-to-date and there was a transparency issue but we're doing pretty well given there's no dedicated graphics editor. Next up, fixing the g and y letter issue...

UPDATE: Thanks to Nagato (the hard-working hacking genius who helped us earlier), we've fixed a character limit issue on text. The g/y letter issue and another issue that prevents the game from being played on flashcarts have solutions, we've just yet to implement them. More on that front later, I just feel like Nagato deserves the appreciative mention.


  1. "You know your commenting area has just gotten out of hand when people start racing to be the first comment"

    is what someone should say right now... XD

    1. You know your commenting area has just gotten out of hand when people start racing to be the first comment

  2. ♫ Santos, Santos, Gooooool ♫
    ♫ Agora quem dá bola é o Santos ♫
    ♫ O Santos é o novo campeão ♫
    ♫ Glorioso alvinegro praiano ♫
    ♫ Campeão absoluto desse ano ♫

  3. My sincere thanks to Nagato for helping out in this project. The man sure deserves a thanks.

  4. Yay for fixing the g/y letter issue!

  5. Great work! eternally grateful!^^

  6. Sweet work, Nagato. Now I can worry about line breaks just that little bit less. This Samuto business, on the other hand...

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