Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Aveyn Knight

I figured I should post this sooner or later.

I've resigned from my post on the Fire Emblem 12: Translation Project. Unfortunately, time and other duties have prevented me from continuing my work on the project. However, don't worry, because the project is in good hands

Oh wait, what? I-I can't resign?

WHAT?! Blazer resigned before me and there's nobody left if I resign?

Sadly, because of personal circumstances, Blazer has quit the Fire Emblem 12: Translation Project and I have succeeded his position as project lead.

I'd like to express my thanks to Blazer for taking the time to put this project together and the many hours he put in to organize everything, improve/fix the files and make sure the project kept running smoothily. Blazer's done a lot that he fails to give himself credit for.

This is what Blazer said in our top-secret HQ:

(Real screenshot from the game)

Sunday, August 5, 2012



Mandatory Progress Update:

We're not finished yet

wait longer

Watch this (and read the video description before commenting, please) if you're bored

I'm going back to work~

EDIT: This was my last post as a member of the team (which I'm now editing accordingly), it's been fun. (I plan on coming back here for some nostalgia at some point. The experience has really been too good. I wish I had time to keep going. I will truly miss the team since they're all awesome people. But that's okay.)

Hitting that "Publish Post" button one more dramatic time

This is Blazer

Signing out.