Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reverse Psychology


So while I contemplate actually making a post with noteworthy progress (hint: I won't), I thought it'd be funny to ask you guys a question you've asked us many times before.

When will this project be done?

It's been asked in many different shapes and forms, and our answer has been "we don't know". So, what I'm asking of YOU guys is to predict when YOU think the translation will be done. Just leave a comment like the example below with when you think the project will be finished. If you guess the date right, we may just have a special surprise for you! Make sure you're logged into some sort of account, too: if you're anonymous, I can't prove who you are because even IP addresses can change!

Name: That Dude***
Date: Month, Day, Year

Disclaimer: Must be 13 years or older to enter; try to limit flaming, spam, jokes (if I don't think it's funny, it's just not funny), etc., and try not to use a date already posted by someone else unless you'll have a mental block if you don't.

***Doesn't have to actually be your name.