Friday, December 7, 2012

Version 3.01 out (name boxes fixed)

Aveyn Knight

Once again, thanks to Prof. 9 for fixing the bug that caused "hanging" letters to get cut off in the dialogue name boxes.

Download here (Version 3.01)

I also fixed a plethora of typos and gave the "arrow to the knee" joke an arrow to the knee.

If you have any bug reports and/or suggestions, please forward them here.

Problems applying the patch? Go here.

Bug reports/suggestions (v3.01)

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In that case, please post about it here!

For reference, a list of known issues can be found -----> here <-----

Help with patching (v3.01)

If you have any problems applying the translation patch, feel free to post here.

Before you post, make sure you read the HELP AND INSTRUCTIONS thoroughly and carefully!

Also, please mention your emulator/flashcart of choice and operating system when seeking help!