Thursday, June 30, 2011

Status Update 2


The translation program is going well. Within a week to a month it should be ready to do dialog translations. In the mean time we've been debating/violently arguing* about what names we should use etc., taking into mind character limits, localization, correct translations, what sounds best, etc., and it's going pretty well. I think by the time I leave we should have most everything decided on leaving in terms of naming.

On that note, we decided to use FE11's (Shadow Dragon's) names... the U.S. version. Please don't try and get this to change, we've been through just about every argument now. Yes, some people don't like Caeda and it's not even a legitimate translation but oh well, it's what's best. Sure, that means that this isn't a pure translation because we WILL be localizing things, but I think everyone can overlook the fact that I don't want to call this the "Fire Emblem 12: Heroes of Light and Shadow English Translation and Localization Hybrid Project". XD

If you don't like it, we'll probably end up releasing the text editing program as soon as we are sure it's complete (well, we as in, Nintenlord, the creator--that's all up to him). You can then figure out how to edit text, which isn't hard, and do the names how you want to. I sincerely doubt we're going to try and prevent anyone from using our translated version as a base for other ROM hacks, so yeah.

Oh, I should probably add that this program supports FE11 text editing too. In fact, it supports it much better than it does FE12.

(Hint: the game normally doesn't use all caps and treat you like an idiot)

In terms of actually translating, we're going to start from scratch, throwing away v1.0 which I made a week after this game was initially released, just to help a tiny bit with people who didn't know any Japanese (myself included, I lose motivation in playing a game when I can't even read the menus without having to use logic skills to figure out what's what).

And we're currently doing names of all sorts. That's all the information I can give you.

I'll see ya guys around.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Okay, I'm Officially Starting


Good news: I got a new computer (it's only downsides are that I have to add more RAM and that the processor is about half as fast as it should be and as how I'd like it to be, but I'll live).

Good news 2: I'm about to get back into things and start this project for real, even though it's not July 15th yet.

Bad news: I have to go on a trip from July 13th for a month. Not to mention there will be preparations before and resting after.

Good news: It's my senior year and I have no intention of showing up to school very often, never-mind actually doing stuff when I'm in school. MEANING more free time to work on this.

More good news: Just because I'm busy, doesn't mean everyone else helping out is.

Questions? Concerns? Okay then.

I'm going to go try and get myself motivated to move past me losing everything on my computer as well as all the other shit that's happened to me. After all, "IF YOU'RE A MAN, BE A MAN!"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Status Update 1


Well, as far as I'm concerned, this project is pretty much a-go. We won't start until July 15th but I'm making preparations.

What preparations? Well, besides the fact that I'm still looking for people to help--a graphic artist to make random graphical shit for the website, and possibly including English versions of Japanese image text (or maybe we'll have 2 different people for that...), as well as a full-time translator and an assembly hacker--my computer broke down so I haven't been able to do much of anything.

While I'm looking for a computer and mourning the loss of everything on my old computer (don't suggest getting it recovered or fixed or whatever, I don't have $500+ to shoot out at an all-out data recovery that might not even work), I've pretty much just been playing and watching basketball, as well as Tales of Vesperia.

Speaking of that game, that's just one disappointment in terms of localizations. I'm stuck with the X360 version of the game because Scamco won't localize the PS3 one,.. but that's not NEARLY as bad as NoA or whoever does localizations not getting FE12 over to America. You know, I was ACTUALLY GOING TO BUY THE GAME IF THEY BROUGHT IT OVER HERE. >:(

Eh, that's enough for my rambling. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way--unpredictable shit sucks, we all wish Japanese games could instantly be translated in English and made legally and easily available to English gamers, and we all wish (except for me) that this project would start sooner.


Totally unrelated, but go Mavs~