Sunday, July 24, 2011

FAQ Page Added


I've added a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on VincentASM's request. I think it's a splendid idea, and will be more splendid if anyone has any suggestions on a common or likely question someone might have that could be added to it.

By the way, we're still looking for an experienced graphics editor who can manipulate existing images well as well as someone well-versed in assembly with a good amount of free time.

Lastly, I updated the site design due to a glitch in the Poll gadget where it used the wrong font. The poll should now be visible, sorry about that.


  1. I have some suggestions of common questions
    that can be added in that faq. You're free to add them or not:

    -What will be compatible with this patch? Do I have to have the original game, or can the game work with my linker for example? (You can be sure some people will ask about the patch compatibility with a linker so it's best to be prepared.)

    - Do you plan to translate all chapters that are downloadable, as well as all the additions granted by the wifi functions? Such as the wifi shop for example. (This question has already been asked quite some time, so it's best to answer from the beginning, so that people have an idea of what will be translated)

    - When the patch will be done? (An annoying question, but the answer should be really simple here, adding this question should allow you to avoid a lot of times this question...)

    - When the patch will be over, you will probably have to do some tests. How long will these tests take? (Again, it's like the question from above.)

    - How can I help you?

    These questions are not questions I have, but questions that can be frequently asked, and are rather interesting. There are probably others of course, but it's a beginning. Good luck for the translation anyway!

  2. I'm not familiar with the topic in the first question

    the second question will be added

    the 3rd question is there

    and the 4th question is redundant because testing is part of the patch-making process, so the patch isn't complete until all the testing is done. :P


  3. Blazer. Check your PMs on Serenesforest. I sent you something that may be usefull.

  4. Hey, I'm new to emulation, but I really want to play this. So I was wondering if you could make a guide that described your preferred emulators, where to get them, where to download the FE 12 rom and how to install all of that and your patch when it is released. Thank You.

  5. To tag onto the one above (though I don't think FE12 ROM locations are legal :P), locations of both Windows and Mac emulators for FE12 would be great on the FAQ :)

  6. I am the poster who originally posted about the ROMs, this translation is not good if we don't know where to get ROMs and emulators from to used this with.

  7. Posting ROMs is illegal and complicated to say the least, we will not be doing it. Do not ask for or share ROMs on this blog. I should probably add an official alert on that because any such comments will be deleted.

    Emulators, we will help with. When the next patch is out we'll make a page and as usual instructions will be given with the download.

  8. I was wondering what the ETA is of a complete patch? Do you guys expect it to be done this year or?

  9. will you guys regularly update the patch or will you only update it when the translation is fully completed?

  10. We may have one updated menu patch, but aside from that we plan on making a patch when the game is fully complete. There was a poll earlier on this and that also helped confirm our decision (it was our intention to wait on a complete patch anyhow).

  11. sorry if im asking in the wrong place but does anyone here know if the decay of the fangs hack is completed or not. I checked google but no one said how far were.

    Thanks and sorry if im asking this in the wrong place

  12. you are in the wrong place, this is the FE12 translation blog

    anyhow DotF can be found on google (search the full name) and no it's not complete but it does have a lot of progress (I think it's over 50% done or so IIRC).

  13. Just want to thank you & the team for translating this game! You guys are the best!!

  14. Hi,

    I'm interested in helping out with the graphics you need done. I'm an experienced visual artist, so feel free to get in touch with me at if you'd like.


  15. Stumbled upon this blog almost by accident - had to go though gamefaqs forums to get here because I've searched for "fire emblem shin monshou no nazo translation" too see if there was one. I'd suggest you use the full name of the game on some of your pages so that google would link to you people like me who'd address the game by the full name and not the number.

    That said, best of luck to you in translation, I've been waiting for the patch ever since I beat the game in Japanese. Rock on =)

  16. I'll add some appropriate tags when I get a chance to account for that, but using the full name is way too long and ugly for me, so I'm going to stick to the "Fire Emblem 12" to keep things simple and clean unless everyone else on the team miraculously convinces me (or threatens me) to change it... XD

  17. So if can't post ROMs here can anyone direct me to a place that does or help me out with this some other way please. Without it i won't be able to play this.

  18. Hi, I hate to ask but a link to the rom download would be appreciated because I can't seem to find unedited versions of it anywhere :\