Wednesday, July 14, 2010

About the Music


The music IS in SDAT format, which is like the standard for DS games. However, there is something there that is interfering with the music being loaded by VGMTrans, which was what I was going to use to extract the songs. Some other programs can extract MIDIs, but I don't think people want to listen to MIDI versions of the songs (which use default "computer instruments" as opposed to the cooler sounding instruments you hear when you actually listen to the songs in-game).

That being said I'll see if I can do anything about it but ATM it seems simply ripping the songs won't work. I'm REALLY disappointed because I thought it'd be a piece of cake... Oh well.

Good news is that I have a report that there IS an English font in the game, so I'm looking into text editing as we speak.


  1. What is the program for extracting music in DS/GBA to MIDI files you've mentioned above? I would like to make a fan-edited music with correct scores of Fire Emblem music, so it should be an exact as the original one. Mind if you name some of the utilities? (If you can tell me where to find it, really much appreciated) Thanks. -LORDIKE14-

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