Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chapter Names


I found the chapter names, and I'm pretty sure I can tell which chapter is which, soooo, I might as well give it some translation, for the heck of it.

Unfortunately menus still aren't getting very far since I don't have a translator to tell me which text is which and what the heck it should be changed to. (I could guess, but still, I don't know where the text I'm supposed to edit is... T_T)


  1. *Claps* just waiting on NMMs for

    im too tired to manually hex edit....besides, i don't even know class and character IDs yet...and i don't know how to create NMMs myself

  2. Actually... I was thinking of waiting for the English release before I do that stuff, because I really don't feel up to it. Especially making the lists and crap. As it is translating has been a pain... :\

  3. ok.... *Sets timer for 6 months*

    i guess i have to wait even longer to get an emperor and a shadow dragon...


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