Sunday, September 16, 2012

September Progress Report 3

Aveyn Knight

Hi and welcome to another scheduled progress report. I'm going to be a bit quick today, because I'm kind of overrun on time.

I mentioned earlier that I've been doing some more trivial work, although no translation work can truly be that trivial. I've now ironed out all the miscellaneous text files, including the death quotes and the "How's Everyone" (formerly known as "Everyone's Conditions") quotes, some examples of the latter shown below.

And more recently I've started verifying the BSFE episodes, with episodes 1 and 2 now complete.

By the way, I chanced upon a message that somebody left, where they volunteered to help verify the text. I should clarify (and I think TheEnd mentioned this once) that the verification process, ideally, should be done by the chief editor of the translation, which would be me in this case.

Nobody needs to be worried about the speed the project is going, nor of my personal sanity. At least, not yet! The project is still on course for completion within this year and although the verification is a bit tough and time-consuming, it's a perfectly doable task.

Oh, and there might be something cool coming soon (or sooner than later, at least)...


  1. That's good to hear, I will continue rooting for the successful completion of teh patch, and sing a Galdr for Aveyn Knight's sanity(if need be)

  2. Yeah. You deserve to be praised. Very much.



  4. Well Blazer did a good job with the project but i can't help thinking Aveyn Knight is doing a better job at keeping us updated XD

    Thanks for the weekly update! Good job as always!

  5. I love it! Thanks for your hard work

  6. A progress report, and so fast! *gasp* But really, it's great for us anxious fans to see the translation project going so well. Thanks so much!

    And whatever could the 'something cool' be? Don't tell us, we anons love to be surprised =P

  7. Been tracking this for a while. Am pledging a donation for this, I have donated to a project like this before.

    If others would do this as appreciation for such hard work it would be great, completing the circle etc. I'd love to learn Japanese but translating an installment of my favourite franchise is brilliant!!!!

    1. If you'd love to learn Japanese, then you should take classes.

      It usually takes around two years until you start seeing the fruits of your studies, though, so don't feel discouraged because of the lack of instant gratification.

  8. Well too bad, I really wanted to help out with this in some way :/

    Guess I can only support from over here then! *cheers*

  9. Love what you are doing. Been with you guys since the first few months you started the project. Please keep it up and I'm looking forward to it :D

  10. Hello,

    I just post for Cheer all the team. ( I'm Very bad in english, sorry.)

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