Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Hey guys, remember that poll to the right that I actually still haven't taken down in honor of this moment?

Well that's right guys. There actually IS a new Fire Emblem for the 3DS. It's the system you guys wanted the most, funny enough. And while I didn't want to say anything and end up being wrong, I had a good feeling a Fire Emblem game for the 3DS would come out, and I remember reading somewhere that VincentASM (one of the team members and owner of Serenes Forest) had that same feeling. The point being that we've been anticipating something new for a while, and it's finally come!

I'd put all the details here but there are far too many and this is technically a Fire Emblem 12 blog, so instead I'll link you to the greatest Fire Emblem resource ever.


If you want to keep up with news, this site has everything. Seriously. My sites are always 500 steps behind this one and no general gaming site will have every single little thing you could want to know about this game like SF does. :D

Post what you think and what else you want to see etc... and let's all be positive and hope this game ends up awesome and comes out in North America and Europe!!!


  1. Oh MY!!!!! NOW I want to buy a 3DS. This game surely will be great!

  2. I find this ironic as it seems the majority prefers Fire Emblem on a portable system, yet those are the ones that sell the worst in North America. (Sad really though, I'll always prefer my GBA versions to the GC and Wii.)

  3. i really dont like how slow this is going, now.... im going to have to only 1 update/blogpost every 1-3 months.
    The gamescript is what is import compared to other things that you might have to do at this point.... you need wayy more translators,
    so i'm guessing that this wont be done for 2-4 years considering that there will probably be a new realease every 5-6 months.... if not more....
    I don't want to sound like a pessimist and all, and all the work that you've done is great and all but, it would be helpful to get more people to do stuff as well.
    You should rip the entire gamescript (in japanese) and POST THAT so that people can download it and translate on their own and then all yyou would have to do is insert the script.
    Also, you should post releases way more often and post allot more often like..... twice a week or at least once a week

    1- Put more effort
    2- let more people join the team to help
    4- allow this project to be more open-sourced (a.k.a. post all current progress as "minor/unstable" releases and the type of releases that you are giving us right now should be called "major/stable" releases!! If this happens, then random people who know how to hack and stuff could edit the "minor releases and send them to you, giving you a (probably) better translation.)
    -5 POST THE SOURCE, or post a file with the source.

  4. IMO, the team can take as long as they want. I have no illusions about how fast the team completes this. This isn't a job to them, so there's no one breathing down their necks to complete this. It's all done by free will so you can't really fault them for not putting enough effort in...

    Not only that, Blazer stated in the comments somewhere else that they only take translations from trusted sources, to keep things organized, clear, and accurate.

    Besides that, they'd have to filter out all the "changes" and "releases" that anonymous users make, after a good portion of the internet is composed of trolls.

  5. i REALLY don't feel like buying a 3ds.. i wanted it for wii because the gamecube and wii games have always had a better plot, longer plot (most important imo) better graphics, who cares if i dont use the motion things, it was just all around better.. more units, more variety.. same concepts but like the laguz and stuff was just genious to me. and i dont feel like spending who knows how much to buy another system to play 1 game. mehhhh

  6. I would prefer a well done and polished translation before a rushed one that was done by twenty different people.

    Anyways, I will pick up a 3DS when they announce a localization and no sooner. There's always a chance that the localization of this series has been dropped altogether. To be honest? With the way the 3DS is going, I actually wouldn't be surprised to see NoA forego this game as well.

  7. @Anonymous who complained about work, you know, I really, really hate people like you. Like my insides are twirling right now. I'm going to leave it at that.

    @kbtennis I actually thought that FE10's plot was shit. $170 for 3DS. I feel what you're saying though, and it is sort of "inconvenient", but I think it's only right that they make a new game on a new system--RD was released a loooong time ago and to release another Wii game seems a *little* silly to me. I think any releases from now until the WiiU's release should be localizations of games that have already been released in Japan, and games that have already been announced etc., I don't think new announcements for Wii games should be very frequent if any, IIRC wasn't Thracia776 made on a "dying system"?

    @Last anonymous aye, I already have one but to others I'd definitely suggest not to just buy a 3DS for this game. The 3DS IMO is actually a really, really good system--amazing--and it's not as bad as people say and think it is, but rumors and drama and articles and ratings all give people a bad first-impression.

    I would be surprised if NoA didn't localize this. Two games in a row? A *new* game as well? And on the newer 3DS system? Seems silly--this game would probably have to be a total failure for it not to come to America, I think. Like, a 6.0/10 rating or something that bad. XD

  8. I would like to explain something to the anonymous who complained about the work of the translation team. And also to the team itself and the followers of this blog.

    You, anonymous, suggest that they rip the script so that people who follows this blog can translate with the team. I totally agree that this would make the translation faster, but still, it can DRAMATICALLY reduce the quality of the translation, and besides, there is even a risk that the translation team stops to work. I'll explain why taking an exemple.

    There is a game, called Tales of Eternia. It never got translated in french, the psx version didn't come in France, and the psp version came in France, but was left in english.

    This is why a translation team decided to translate it in french. But the problem was that they asked for people to help them translate the game.

    What was the result? The people translated the game, it's sure, but the translation was completely bad. Yes, really bad, because people thought it was better in order to translate to use a tool like google translate, it was a gain of speed, and besides, it allowed them who didn't know japanese language to help the team...

    Of course, you imagined that when the team saw this, it got completely depressed, and the result was that the team stopped all activity. Fortunately, some months later, the team decided to start all of this again, and on their own.

    Everybody can see that ripping the script so that it gets translated by follower people is really not a good thing. I'm sure followers of this blog want the game translated, but well translated and are ready to wait some years if it is required. (as long as it's not ten years, and even in this case, we can't do anything)The team cannot accept anyone in the team, they can only recruit and approve someone that they know are capable of fulfilling the work he is charged to, and who is of course, very qualified for the work he is charged to. And, these people of the team, are merely humans, so they have a life, they don't work on the game 24h on 24h. We can't ask them to put more efforts on the translation and work more, because they are the one who do the translation, so they decide to work at their own speed, and we, just followers, can't say anything about this, not forgetting they work for free...

    And the last thing that I wanted to add, I know the updates are not so frequent, it's true, but believe me, I saw some other team who has MUCH less updates on their work...

  9. To counter the anonymous poster above, I'm just thankful this team is working together on this and that I'll get to play the game in English someday.

    It's unfortunate some people don't seem to understand how much work it is and that this isn't a job, it's something that people are doing out of kindness and passion for a game or series. I think we're lucky to have fan translators at all, especially when you take into account the people who complain about their efforts.

  10. Not obligated to give you a single thing.

    Though I hope the team doesn't feel deflated about having heard news about a new FE announced, though you don't seem to be, Blazer, heh.

  11. Hey, Anonymous #1, have you taken a look at the "open-source" Tear Ring Saga translation? It is a complete fucking mess. No no, don't take my word for it, go there and take a peek at any chapter translated by Runan (who did more than half the game.)

    They're trying to get editors to come in and fix up Runan's work. However, you cannot simply fix a bad translation by a Chinese translator who is fluent in neither English nor Japanese by editing it.

    I would rather wait or just play a menu patch while reading the a translated script for the original FE3 than play a hack-job FE12 that looks like that.

  12. @Anonymous #1
    Be grateful that a translation is happening at all. Plenty of good games have gotten passed over recently, and translation, good sir, is hard work.

    Keep up the great work! Most of us definitely appreciate you :D

  13. YAY 3DS FE! 'Cause we need more awesome games for the 3DS, period. There's almost nothing out right now D:

    @ Mr. Jerkface Anonymous - If you want FE12 translated faster, either a) get Nintendo to release an English version or b) find a way to support this team. Otherwise, you're just an impatient jerk who needs to GTFO.

    Much love for the team, can't wait until the next update <3

  14. Aww thanks guys, my insides have stopped being so vertiginous <3

    For the record we are ripping scripts but we're not translating them using google translate, we're using a more intelligent system than a translation program, which can only be its inventor, the human. It'd be no problem to rip every script in the game in Japanese and release it right now and do a rough google translation in 2 months tops. Of course I'm not going to do this because as good an editor as I am it'd still be inaccurate shit. I know you guys understand this but at the same time I feel compelled to explain just why we are going for a professional job since it's not easy waiting--trust me I am anticipating this translation as much as you guys XD

  15. I understand if people are feeling a bit impatient, but I can only ask that you continue to be patient : )

    Everyone on the team is committed to producing a quality product, which, although it won't be done in a month, shouldn't take any longer than a year (no promises though!), which I believe is an acceptable speed for a fan translation and possibly infinitely faster than NOA/NOE's efforts (although I am still hoping they may actually be working on this game).

    At this moment in time, it just happens that a significant number of team members are currently on a break, for various reasons, so that's why progress has been slow this month.

  16. It's easy to be patient, knowing that Nintendo probably won't release this game in English. I'd rather wait a year for this game to be translated by the fans than to never get an official copy. :(

    I'm just not sure what that guy's problem was. This blog gets updated every couple of weeks and we see frequent progress reports. What more can we ask for? :)

  17. Now I have even MORE reason to get a 3DS!

    Unfortunately, this seems to put the nail in the coffin on any official FE12 translation. Ah, well. I fully understand the amount of time it'll take to translate the game, and I give you guys my full support!

  18. The trailer for the new 3DS FE looks completely badass. Just not a fan of that girl's design though. Oh well, I'm just happy we're getting more FE. :)

  19. I'm going with Aveyn Knight. And I created a blog about the Speculations about the Release Date for the Fire Emblem 12.

  20. great news and looks really nice rpg too.

  21. you guys are doing great work here, will we be seeing a new patch any time this year?

  22. Just wanted to hop on and thank the team for working on a translation, and to comment that while FE10's storyline was simplistic, it felt like more of a prologue for FE11 more then anything else. However, FE11 was well worth playing both games for

    So keep up the good work and thank you all.

  23. Please work on the project more and can you please do it a bit quicker? Thanks.

  24. Thanks for working on this translation and keep up the awesome work! :D

  25. @Blazer and Aveyn Knight
    Quick question, are you guys going to keep a progress page?

  26. >Please work on the project more and can you please do it a bit quicker? Thanks.

    Shut up, idiot.

  27. @Boomback

    I may make one when the dialogue translation restarts. I think Blazer asked me to make one before.

    @Impatient Anonymous

    We'd love to work on the translation quicker, but we're going to do it in our time : )

    I'll try and work on something new soon though.

  28. ^We will sooner than later. We're just waiting for the translation-ing to pickup is all.

  29. @Blazer and Aveyn Knight
    Thanks for the quick answer! I'll be rooting for you all the way, ;)

  30. Just found this recently and tried the latest patch, absolutely fantastic work so far and really cannot wait for the finished product, keep up the great work and take as long as needed, if the quality of the translation is anything like what has been shown in other areas of the project it will be truly superb and more than worth any wait. The fact this game does not seem to be getting released outside of Japan is a dreadful blow and so a project like this is a godsend to an avid FE fan. Thank you very much!

  31. hey how can i update my patch without deleting my save? thanks.

  32. Dear Users,

    Nintendo is currently working on an Official Translation, in the mean time, please do not use pirated versions of games from abroad. Also, please refrain from exploiting products of Nintendo of Japan using things such as "Hacks", "Mods", and others which may send malicious software into your DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSiXL product or your computer. Nintendo does not in anyway endorse use of invalid cartriges known to the homebrew and hacking community as "Flashcarts".

  33. ^ NoA, yeah sure. If NoA really wants to stop this, they would do it on a more private way rather than posting anonymously.

  34. NoA (if is really NoA) if you where working then please let people know by saying it to the press. if your not NoA spot faking. i only use roms to play games i will never get to play other wise.

  35. lol, the trolls are finally coming out of the woodworks.

  36. As much as I appreciate how much work is being put into this game, it irks me that this is one of many great titles that don't get an official release in the USA. Why? US is too obsessed with the FPS games, they all seem to get very high ratings and they're exactly the same! I have FE Shadow Dragon and I loved it. This one looks better, though.

  37. You're the first person I know who liked Shadow Dragon. Shadow Dragon is (IMO) complete shit compared to the GBA games and this game's 3x better than Shadow Dragon. I have been an FE fan for like almost 6 years or so and it took me 2 years of struggling to muster up the strength to beat FE11. I beat FE12 MUCH faster and it was actually quite memorable and I enjoyed it. Don't get me started on my GBA FE nostalgia. :D

  38. I think it's safe to say that SD is pretty rubbish in general. You get so many hopeless units (e.g. every prepromote [barring Wolf and Sedgar who are only saved by their crazy growths] and most unpromoted units) and the storyline is nothing special (I know it's an FE game, but seriously). It would've been nice if they'd done more with it, such as adding canto rescue and such. SD's only redeeming feature is the reclassing system and the forge.

  39. Wow, I can't figure out what's more sad. Anons whining for a faster translation or anon posing as "Nintendo of America" to stop the use of flashcards.

  40. Nintendo of AmericaOctober 6, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    Dear Users,

    Nintendo of America is currently working on this game. We are also working on Xenoblade's localization. We urge you not to use the devices known as flashcards as they contain malicious software.