Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rounding up the Final Technicalities...


We're on a roll--with some more advice from Nagato I managed to fix a problem that limited the length of text entries, which would cut text from appearing if a dialog was too long. The new limit should be MORE than enough for any entry, and well, although I can't exactly show anything since it's a technical hacking matter, it's good news nonetheless.

This just leaves a couple more graphical problems and possibly a couple other random miscellaneous things before we don't have any new things to "solve" and it just becomes a matter of straight-up translating.

And since some people have asked how the main story progress is going, the truth is, our translator's "AFK"... i.e. he's busy and it seems like with just him we won't go as fast as we want to. But I'm totally not suggesting that we need another translator to help speed up the process or anything. :P I think if anything he needs some motivation, so send a word out to Snow and wish him best of luck in taking some precious time out for this community service. ^_^



    Naw, but really... How unfortunate! Anyhow, I hope you find the time to do it, Snow. We're all rooting for you. :3

  2. You guys are my heroes! :D Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. that's beacause they are the heroes of shadow... duh

  4. To add onto Blazer's post, if you check the FEE3 demo (check the Video tab on this site), you may notice an instance of this bug right before the battle begins (at the 4:37 mark).

    Here's the very end of the dialogue, which can now finally be viewed in-game:

  5. Keep up the good work, guys :D Just finished Shadow Dragon on my Laptop and can't wait to play the next one :D

    On the poll side of things, I think they should have Jaffar in SSBB...he's possibly the best pre-promoted character you obtain in the game, and one of the coolest. He'd just have an awesome move set. :D

  6. Snoooooow, you're awesome and your translation will be too! I hope you find time to translate, because we can't wait to see the finished product! :D

    Also, yaaaay for working out bugs <3

  7. Jaffar? That is... quite original.

    And awesome.

    I approve.

    Final smash: lethality. like Metaknight's except more epic. and he goes everywhere.

    But seriously I could totally see Jaffar being in a super smash game, and being a total badass too--super fast, but weakish, but with lots of stealthy moves... good aerials probably. throw knives as projectiles. XD

  8. I'm here for the poll and I ask where the hell is the Black Knight? He's the most badass vilian in all of fire emblem series so far (for me at least). Too bad I don't see him there...

  9. @Blazer
    Thank you :D I am a big fan of Jaffar...what I was thinking was along these lines:

    His Final Smash would be his Lethality move, where the screen just goes black and no matter where they are on the screen, they get hit by that animation he has when he does that lethality in-game. His ordinary combos would be a mixture of kicks and slashes with his daggers, and one of his special moves would be to evade, possibly through a backflip. A lot of his special moves would involve suddenly teleporting behind them or something, and one of his special moves would be creating two duplicates that do a random move or combo set, so they would be getting attacked by three at the same time.

    Or you could do Joshua (Or Navvare or Edward, I suppose, but I prefer Joshua) and have a similar basis (fast but not as strong)...though he'd be stronger than Jaffar would be, he'd be slightly slower, though his Final Smash would be his Crit-hit, where he splits into eight and they all attack from different directions.

    OR you could have someone like Pent, Canas or Gotah (I know most of these names are from FE7, but that is the only game I can actually remember a large number of specific names from; it's the game that got me into FE, so obviously my favourite) and their frankly awesome magic...they'd have quite low defence, but would be very accurate, and be focused on long-range attacks, a complete opposite to Jaffar and Navarre/Joshua, who would be focused on closing the distance...Gotah's final smash could be Starlight, Pent's could be that uber light magic you get at the end...hell, you could have Nergal as a boss...

    You could even have one of the Manakete characters, or even Ninian an Nils as a character...N&N would be a duo act, and they would focus on reducing their opponents base stats, with a few basic attack moves thrown in...until their final smash was revealed, when they turned into whopping great Dragons! :D Though I would love to see Haar in SSBB...he was my favourite behind Jaffar, Matthew, Canas and Joshua.

    I don't think TBK would be a good choice, though...too Goddy, at least, the possibility would be there. Maybe have Zelgius/TBK as a boss you had to fight? Though TBK did appear as a sticker/trophy in one of them, I believe...but anyway. He'd be really slow, but powerful, meaning that he'd be a good boss, as timing would be everything. You have to remember; that sword of his can blast people from a long way away, so you'd need a character using bolting or Eclipse in SSBB to whittle him down safely! XD

    On that note, though, maybe it would be an ide to have Lloyd or Linus as bosses/unlockable PC's? Or you could even have The Four Fangs as a group choice, like The Trainers pokemon...OR the tactician him/herself...since Roy/Marth/Ike have already appeared, maybe you could have three or four characters from the series as a whole appear...for the ultra fast but relatively weak attacks (for dealing with the nippy, hard to catch guys) you could have Sothe or Volke. For the ultra heavy guys who can't move that fast, you could have Oswin or Draug, and you could have someone like Wolf or Rath or Lyn as an all-rounder; someone who can hit from range or close combat, can hit pretty hard but also move relatively quickly... :D

  10. @Anon who mentioned BK, well no one else mentioned him yet, plus he's too bulky and heavy to be a normal character I think, meaning he'd be a boss, and... hmm, I guess he should have been on the list as a boss. my bad! XD



    idea overload


  11. that a good thing or a bad thing? I kind of think at a hundred miles an hour, and write up posts as and when they enter my head...I don't really plan them ahead of time, so I often either repeat myself or go off on tangents! As Billy Connelly said; Sometimes I go off on tangents...that's fine. Sometimes I don't come back...that's fine too!
    If you don't mind my asking, Blazer, what's your favourite FE game and why? And, not neccissarily dependent on that question, who is your favourite character and why? A somewhat random question, but I'm curious :D

  12. Blazing Sword. The fact that it was my first game and has some... interesting memories with it, regarding me playing it, I guess it's nostalgic. I've also hacked it the most and know the most about it. I also liked how it was portable. I like the story better than most of the other games too, and liked all the sidequests and extra stuff. It kind of got me into RPGs, tbh. FE12 was amazing too though--if it were in English (oh, the irony!) it could possibly be my favorite FE. The 3DS FE looks cool too though, so competition is getting tough. The console systems never quite grabbed my attention as much though, RD was a pain in the ass to play, and PoR would have been good if it weren't so boring (animations were a killer, I loved the GBA animations like a little fanboy, and heck even though I've seen them hundreds of times I still like GBA animations).

    I think I said too much >_>

  13. I dunno, I quite liked the PoR animations, but nothing compares to the GBA Generals' crit animation. NOTHING COMPARES.

  14. Blazer, what about the SNES FE's? FE3 is kinda boring considering FE12 outclasses it basically, but FE4 ad FE5 are amazing games for totally different reasons.

  15. @Blazer what exactly do you think the My Unit class would be if they put them in brawl?

  16. Haven't gotten very far into them. No offense to anyone else but they were far too boring and uninteresting for me, given that I had already played games in the more recent generation. I still have FE4 but I won't beat it until I've beaten every other game I own, and well, that will take a LOOOOONG while.

    @Escorian well my opinion doesn't matter much but if MU HAD to be in Brawl... I'm guessing a mercenary, because his artwork kind of implies that more than anything else, IMO. He could possibly be like the PK Trainer and be a costume changer, though, changing between swords, axes, lances, bows, and magic (I think dividing magic into its different categories would mean even MORE movesets... :O).

  17. Good choices...I personally like FE7 the most as well (Blazing Sword) since it was the first one for me to play- I was about...oh, I must have been eight or nine the first time I picked it up- and had so many memorable characters, but I have played a lot of them...I've played the English translation of FE6 (FE7 was a prequel to that game, I believe, since FE6 revolved around Eliwood and Hectors kids) which gave me a shock, seeing as how it was so much harder than FE7; I was restarting the chapter (and then reloading the F1 save when I figured that out) so much more often than FE7...then I stormed through FE8 (Sacred Stones) because it was, by comparison so much bloody easier. I am still shocked at how my level 20 Swordmaster Joshua turned out; it got to the point where he had a 50% crit chance with a normal iron sword, and a whopping 75% with a killing edge! I!

    I enjoyed playing Shadow Dragon, but some of the finer details did annoy me (No Lord Promotion, no real chance to train units and upgraded units up to level 20 unless you arena abuse, too many master seals to use, no support conversations, no real effort in the dialogue, etc etc) but honestly don't see what people had against Radiant Dawn...I didn't play PoR, but I loved had a good story, some brilliant characters and some interesting new mechanics that intrigued me. The take on the laguz, although difficult to get used to using tactically and effectively, paid off when you worked out how to maximise their effect. It was the first time I actually used a soldier as a PC as well! Before then, they'd just been fodder to me...I think my order of play was as follows:

    FE7 (Blazing Sword, I believe)
    FE: RD
    FE6 (Sealed Sword, I think, or Sword of Seals)
    FE: Sacred Stones
    FE: Shadow Dragon

    So, Blazer...who is your favourite character? :D

  18. Hahah, so much text, sorry I can't even start to respond to that much. XP

    And i don't have a favorite character, can't choose and don't want to betray characters by picking a favorite, lol. More importantly we should prob not derail the discussion too much and try and keep it to the blog's main purpose given that my favorite character has nothing to do with FE12 XD. Sorry I just don't want to do injustice to everyone else on the team by using this like a discussion forum about our personal likes/dislikes XD.

  19. Fair enough, it was just my curiosity :D I know that I can write a lot and say very little...the overview is basically "I've played a lot of the FE games, liked all of them but liked Shadow Dragon the least". XD

  20. Glad to hear you guys are making solid progress and thanks for the effort. Can't wait to see the final product.