Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Graphical Text Status


Graphical text... some of it is easy, some ain't. To make things simple, non-moving text is easy, I've had that figured out for a while. I can hack pretty much anything that doesn't have effects or moves.

As for the rest, well, it's a bit of an issue. And if you don't think this kind of nonsensical, mis-sized, grey piece of garbage isn't enough proof, then I don't know what is. :P

So the reason for this post is if anyone knows of anyone who knows of anyone who knows something or might know something about NDS hacking, more specifically graphic hacking, let us know. Any documentation or program suggestions are cool too (although chances are I've seen it or something already XP).


  1. Don't know if this is the same as in pokemon graphic hacking but:

    Editing Graphic into forth generation is very simple.
    If we open some narc, we can find a NCGR file(RCGN or Tile File), followed usually by a NCLR(RCLN or Palette File) and sometimes by a NCGR(RCGN or Map File), and other two uneditable files(NANR or Animation File and NCER or Cell Animation File).
    In Crystaltile we only go on a Tile file, press BackSpace, then go on a Palette file, and press Backspace, and if we find the NCGR, make the same thing.
    Then we can see the image onto the window of the rom.
    Press Ctrl+e and export image as bmp. Edit with paint, and click Ctrl+I, and we only need to save the rom.
    We need pay attention to not change the palette based map, and respect also the tile.

    Some images are compressed(NCGR.L), like pokedex screen and other.
    We need to decompress the three file associated (right click and press U() option), rebuild a new rom with dslazy, edit image like we done previously, save the three file uncompressed(right click and press E() option), open Crystal tile, go to T and Lz77 compression, select the three file(one for one), and rebuild the new rom.
    This is more complicated, but it's the only way to edit the compressed graphic.

  2. here is a more in depth guide:

  3. Thanks but this is stuff I already know and have a good method for (much better than CrystalTile IMO).

    The graphics I'm editing are a bit more complex. They include .ca, .ma, and .md file. Thanks anyhow though.

  4. Oh. the title12 folder? Can't help you there =/.

    I only got around to editing map animations.