Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Poll on Transcript ->


Someone brought up a transcript which I understood as a dump of the game's script for people to view for various reasons--whether they missed text, wanted to go back and check text without playing, go forward and read text to spoil themselves, aren't using the translation, or whatever...

Well, it's not totally out of the question for us to make one, but I wanted to know if people might use it. I'm not a fan of going out of my way to do unnecessary things but if people think an English transcript would be great, then the team could probably do something to accommodate that.

In the case that we do do it, the poll will also dictate how much of a priority it is--we may release a transcript before the final patch is released (if say, the dialog gets translated first), might do it WITH the release, or might do it AFTER the release. That kind of thing.

That's all now I feel bad for bumping Vincent's post earlier since that font thing was a major breakthrough.


  1. A transcrip will be great to start palying the game right now that the patch isn´t finished. but, like you say, it wont be done tomorrow, so, I think is best to focuse in the real objetive of the proyect.

  2. what language you speak better Spanish or English please Answer me to learn how to answer you

  3. I would use it if I had a problem patching the game, but since I don't have that kind of trouble, then I prefer just playing the game in english, but many people (particulary Mac users) actually have that kind of trouble, so a transcript would be something good for them, but like I said before, I don't have that trouble

  4. If you can speak good Spanish with good grammar, then go ahead and speak Spanish, and I'll use Google Translate or something, because your English is not good enough for me to understand, unfortunately.

    @Ariel thanks for the comment

    @Anonymous thanks as well, I didn't think about people not being able to patch it (Mac users), that's a good point, although I plan on making it so that Mac users can patch it easily too without having to "borrow" a Windows computer. XP

  5. This is great, since it is ACTUALLY alive, however... Is the patch far into the game? (dialogue, classes, menus, shops etc.)
    Because the game looks pretty cool and I would like an understandable english version, not just gibberish like the FE5 patch...

  6. I am from a hispanic speak community, and would be grateful if you transcribe the script, for a translation to the spanish in the future, inclusive I can start the translation, when the transcripts are avaible. - Sorry about my poor redaction in english, I don't have enough practice in the writing side -

    If you don't understand me, the same text in spanish:

    Yo soy de una comunidad de habla hispana, y estaría agradecida si transcribieran el guion para una futura traducción en español, inclusive podría comenzar la traducción cuando ya estén disponibles las transcripciones.

  7. Que mal me senti cuando lei eso de que no se me entendio nada!!! Jajaja. Me alegra no ser el unico que habla español. Adelante muchachos!

  8. Nyara si necesitas ayuda para traducir de ingles al español, yo puedo ayudar.

  9. I see. That's a good point. It'd help people translate into other languages as well if we had a transcript.

    By the way, I google translated what was said, and ichigo, fuck you for calling me a fag. :D

    Oh, right, in Spanish, that's

    Vete a la mierda por llamarme maricón.



    "This is great, since it is ACTUALLY alive, however... Is the patch far into the game? (dialogue, classes, menus, shops etc.)"

    - graphical menus and texts are not done, but most other menus are. Classes, character, and item names are done. Dialog is not done, it is in progress. Please check the screenshots or README to know what is done next time, whatever is there is what is done, we update frequently with progress so it's rare there is something done that you guys don't know about. :\

  10. jajaja good Blazer you and I speak English well so hopefully this ichigo098 fag will take an English lesson.

    Hey, that was kind of fun. :3

  11. Esperemos la siguiente actualizacion para que esta no se transforme en una guerra de lenguajes! Que bueno que sea un grupo tan diverso este.

  12. lol, this is an English translation project, and always will be, it's implied in everything else :P

  13. lol to all text here, lolol. And you can understand without problem my english, Blazer? Well, I will wait patiently. =P

  14. blazer do him the impertinent ichigo cases you're a good person besides @ Nyara if you want I can help because I was both English and Spanish and I think it should be translated into Spanish and I think your blazer together we could work with lead fully translated into Spanish

    blazer no le hagas casos al impertinente de ichigo tu eres una buena persona ademas @nyara si quieres yo te puedo ayudar por que yo se tanto ingles como espanol y creo que se deberia traducir al espanol creo que tu y yo juntos colaborando con blazer podriamos llevar la traduccion al espanol perfectamente

  15. blazer you are a bitch mother fuker mamaguevo and @eliwood123 you are a bicth marica maricon blazer no podria ni siquiera traducirlo al ingles

  16. Basically, the goal of this is to get FE12 into English. If you wish to translate it into Spanish afterwards, that would be your own thing and you shouldn't expect anything from this translation team. I know I don't speak for them, but it's assumable.

    @ichigo098 lol at you.

  17. i got the patch and its good the only thing is that the video you have on this website has the writing in english while when i play the story the writing is in japanese.

    please reply as soon as you can

  18. That's the demo they showed - the patch right now is still a menu patch in essence - they apparently had problems with dialogue hacking (which I don't fully understand. xD) but so far they removed that translation of Prologue 1 from the patch because it was rushed, as they said. Seeing as it's still incomplete, there ya go.

  19. anyway whats next on the list to do with the japanese version
    all i realy wanted to see is the 7th prolude translated

  20. No nos confundamos, el objetivo de este sitio es traducir el juego al ingles. Yo estaria mas que feliz con eso. Si despues, un grupo de hablahispanos queremos pasarlo al español sera otro tema, pero no embarremos el trabajo.

  21. i wonder if the english version will come out before this is fully complete

  22. please get this translation project done before the end of august because i wanna play it and unsterstand it before i go back to school

  23. I find myself looking for specific quotes, or reading special scenes I missed, or support conversations.

    I would probably use it.

  24. Es bueno ver que en este foro haya gente que habla tanto ingles como español asi como yo, incluso dicen groserias en español!!!! jajaja, y yo tambien podria ayudar a traducir el juego en español, de hecho yo juge el Shadow Dragon en español, pero primero hay que ver que el parche al ingles salga bien y sin problemas, ya que si algo sale mal en la traduccion al ingles (esperemos que no) y ademas de eso tambien habria que ver alguien que pueda editar graficos y todas esas cosas, pero como ya dije, primero hay que esperar a que salga la version en ingles, ya que me urge jugar el juego para saber que paso despues de que Marth vencio a Medeus!!!!

  25. In descending order from the comment after my last comment:

    - yep, I can, and thanks for being patient

    - I won't be able to help with a translation except for provide the text editor to let you do it--the rest is pretty much up to you. I'm part of the English translation group for this... sorry. :(

    - looool idiots are teh lulz

    - shane, please read Kelsper's comment below

    - please just be patient

    - no comprendo mi amigo

    - uh...

    - impossible, bud, have some patience, we have lives and this doesn't take a couple weeks, it takes several months, sometimes a couple years -_-

    - Anonymous - good point, thanks. it would indeed be helpful for this. People might end up dumping the script later anyhow.

    - you guys can get a group going elsewhere, unfortunately I don't speak Spanish and I don't plan on helping with a Spanish translation, so please wait the English one out first and then translate it to Spanish later.

    - lol, HYPE FTW!!! :D

  26. then I could go through the text editor so at least I could be working on the translation while in my fire emblem hack please...

    en espanol le agradesco mucho su ayuda porfavor en cuanto pueda paseme el editor de texto asi podre trabjar en la edicion de texto en espanol asi como en mi hack de fire emblem gracias senor blazer porfavor pasemelo lo mas pronto posible