Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Base conversation progress 3

Aveyn Knight

Ahhhh, super-slow internet connection.

It's that time again! TheEnd has been patiently working on the base conversations and we're now 35% complete.


(NOTE: Text is preliminary and hasn't been finalised. As usual, I've tried my hand at localising the text. However we now have a team of localisers who will hopefully do a better job than me, although this text is hot off the press so they haven't had time to touch it.)

In other news, a new translator has graced us with their presence and soon we may be able to post progress of Prologue 2. Dun dun dun!


  1. you're doing a great work, keep going guys

  2. fuck yeah cant wait!

  3. Omg you're using a new My Unit!

  4. Note that we're still open to any translator applications. XP

  5. Keep on truckin' :)

  6. I hope to god this is finished soon, I wish Nintendo would get their head out of their arse and just translate it. Oh well, can't w8 for this to be finished. Don't give up!