Friday, July 20, 2012

Shadow Dragon Trivia

Aveyn Knight

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who sent me a message about yesterday's volunteering task. I'll reply to everyone soon and begin the difficult task of narrowing down who to recruit...

In the meantime, I'm going to apologise for interrupting progress yet again, to mention something curious I spotted in Shadow Dragon, which is slightly related to this game.

When NTG was helping me insert the tutorial graphics, she was asking me where file 19 is. The tutorial files are numbered 01 to 38 internally, but there's no 19 and instead a weird gap between 18 and 20.

Well it turns out the missing tutorial 19 actually appeared in Shadow Dragon... or didn't appear, would be more accurate. It seems Intelligent Systems were planning to implement the ability to issue orders to units, like in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, but dropped it at the last moment.

The image below shows the unused tutorial card about issuing orders:

As you can see, Nintendo of America's localisation team translated the tutorial text, but cleverly didn't bother changing the graphics. I can completely understand their actions, since graphics are always more fiddly to edit than plain text; why bother translating a graphic that nobody's ever going to see? Amusingly, NTG actually translated a few unused graphics because she hasn't played the game and didn't realise they weren't used : P

For those interested, these are the orders that were planned:

Avoid[X] Order units to stay out of enemy range unless otherwise instructed.[X]

Protect[X] Order units to protect Marth unless otherwise instructed.[X]

Attack[X] Order units to attack nearby enemies unless otherwise instructed.[X]

Wait[X] Order units to stay put unless otherwise instructed.[X]

Follow[X] Order units to stay with Marth unless otherwise instructed.[X]


  1. >Amusingly, NTG actually translated a few unused graphics because she hasn't played the game and didn't realise they weren't used : P

    Heyy... you translated it but made a mistake. I just fixed it. I think. I don't remember really...

    1. Let's all be friends! :D

      on a less silly note even I didn't know this, sweet info Vincent. you have a knack for finding out random tidbits of info like this, don't you? XD [s]now I have to go rummage through the game and see if I can't find something even YOU don't know... JK[/s]

    2. One of these days, we're going to read a news report about a boy who died of hacking too many things.
      A facebook buddy of mine dedicated this to you:

      *sniff* You're famous

  2. I could have sworn that feature was implemented in Shadow Dragon... I'm sure I remember using it in the game, but it must be a false memory unless it was only in the PAL version, which is doubtful, I suppose.

    1. No your right, I do think I remember seeing it the game (didn't use it, since I don't like the "random" reaction from the characters in RD, which I played first xD

    2. I have this weird vague memory of it too. Nintendo mind-wiping?

  3. Wow! I didn't know this kind of option was supposed to used, it's similiar to Path of radiance and radiant dawn!